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Intense AND awesome show tomorrow night! [Apr. 2nd, 2010|07:26 am]



Queer Memoir's April event will center around the theme "Scars" with readings/performances/sharing by: Ryn Hodes, Tania Katan, Adrian Khactu, Sassafras Lowrey, Genne Murphy, Mecca Jamilah Sullivan and Kelli Dunham.

Queer Memoir is a salon for new work inspired by a monthly theme; a safe space to share memoir writing and performance; an opportunity to give voice to our collective queer experiences, and preserve and document our complex queer history; for writers, performers, and anyone with a queer story to tell.

Even as LGBT characters and “out” celebrities become more common in pop culture and mainstream media, the richness and complexity of real queer lives is still undervalued and often invisible. Queer Memoir attempts to provide an avenue to share queer lives and celebrate the ritual and community-building value of storytelling.


Queer Memoir: Scars
Saturday, April 3, @ 8 pm
@ Collect Pond 45 Berry Street
(L train to Bedford Avenue)

Interested in sharing at our next event? NOT limited to writers & performers: we want YOUR story! Check out upcoming themes.